11 Reasons why you should visit these Japanese Snow monkeys

Japan is a very photogenic country and photographers love to go there to capture the beautiful cherry blossoms in early spring, the majestic colors of nature in fall or the crazy trends in cities like Tokio.Read more:wherecoolthingshappen
1. They’re huggers
Image credits: mommam 777

2. They Stare at a light source like zombies.. just like us..
Image credits: Marsel van Oosten

3. It’s just impossible to deny this is cute!

Image credits: Ben Torode

4. They’ve mastered the art of Relaxation..snow-monkey-wcth05
Image credits: Jason Arney

5. They’ll come say hi if you’re having a rough day…snow-monkey-wcth06
Image credits: Robert Mullner

6. They really take their time to do some Thinking..snow-monkey-wcth07
Image credits: Marsel van Oosten

7. They have no problems with Closeupssnow-monkey-wcth08
Image credits: Masashi Mochida

8. And they just love taking these Family photos..snow-monkey-wcth10
Image credits: Ade Photography

9. They won’t judge you for snacking on the job… they do it toosnow-monkey-wcth09
Image credits: Stefano Sitzia

10. They all have their own speciality’s.. one is a dentist the other a flea expert..snow-monkey-wcth11
Image credits: Masashi Mochida

11. C’mon.. look at them.. they need company..snow-monkey-wcth12
Image credits: Julia Wimmerlin


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