5 Most Beautiful Waterfall In The World

Waterfall is where visitors feel excited, fun and forget all worries left from the previous day, floating drift upstream down to the bottom. Great scene of waterfall is known as paradise on Earth that you must visit with family, friends, sweethearts to create a great memorable moment together . Below are waterfalls that visitors considered as the most beautiful waterfall with real natural views according to British newspaper, The Telegraph.

1. Kaieteur waterfall in Guyana

This waterfall is located northeast of South America at a height of 226 meters and flow out of the valley throughout along the wood.

2. Iguassu waterfalls in Brazil and Argentina

2120 This waterfall is located next to the border between the two countries with a height of 82 meters and flows along Iguassu River, a distance of 2.7 kilometers.

3. Victoria waterfall, Zimbabwe and Zambia


Victoria Fall waterfall is the most fascinating waterfall in Africa and is also the largest waterfall in the world as well as It runs at a height of 108 meters and a width of 1,708-mete.

4. Niagara in the US and Canada

The waterfall is also among the world’s best-known gorge at a height of 51 meters, flow into the Niagara River.

5. Angel Falls in Venezuela

is the highest waterfall in the world, 979 meters hight, in the Canaima National Park east of Gran Sabana.



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