7 Star That Will Become A BILLIONAIRE Before The Age Of 30 years

Currently, there are many young star as a model, actress singer who can earn millions each year through organized tour, album sales modeling songwriters and other social networks.

Whereas some stars can earn millions through successors heritage from their parents. Due to earn more and the heir to his father and mother, they were estimated could be a billionaire before the age of 30 years. The following is a list of young stars that they thought would be a billionaire billions of dollars before age 30 years:

1. Taylor Swift

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Pop singer Taylor Swift is a self-songwriter. The star’s latest album, 25, is selling 10 million copies worldwide, and she has become a star earning a lot from the tour. It is reported by Forbes magazine, Taylor Swift has a wealth of $ 200 million. Those from the sale of the album tour.

2. Justin Bieber

Just 21-year-old Justin Bieber has a total of $ 200 million. Last year, the Canadian singer stands at number one on the list of actors under the age of 30 years higher revenues in Forbes magazine. From June 2013 to June 2014, this rich scandal star earned $ 80 million. A large part of the tour. With future projects like a perfume shop, a new album, movies and organize various tour Justin could earn an additional $ 150 million in the next two years.

3. Miley Cyrus


The 22-year-old singer has a fortune of $ 165 million. Although criticized for excessive wear sexy clothes and dance choreography twerk from a year ago at the MTV Video Music Awards, but These things make Miley grew very popular. In 2011, the owner of the “Wrecking Ball” No. 1 in Hollywood young stars have the most assets. In the past 5 years, she can earn more than $ 100 million and No. 19 in the list of the 20 female singers who have .

4. Adele

4-year period, and Adele’s latest album was released, but she still can earn $ 5 million This album last year. Total’s “Rolling In The Deep” amounted to $ 50 million, which led to her standing at the top on the list of stars British singer, who is under the age of 30 years. In fact, if the 27-year-old actress wants to be a millionaire immediately really, because in the past she refused money, $ 121 million for a world tour to promote the album her.

5.Kendall Jenner និង Kylie Jenner

Kendall has just 19 years old and 18-year-old Kylie, but they are a young model who is so powerful in Hollywood. They opened stores paint nails and makeup powder and had personal contact with the clothing company 2 PacSun and Topshop. Kim Kardashian’s sister both could earn millions for a job as a designer of the Versace clothing company .

6. One Direction

Band One Direction is a British band in history. According to The Sunday Times Rich List 2015 this group has a total of 155 million dollars. Each member is a wealth of about $ 25 million plus, along with former team-mate Zayn Malik. Their successful tour and DVD sales. The choir if men continue to work well as a team, but they can earn billions at the age of 30 years.

7. Jaden និង Willow Smith

Jaden is currently an actor and rapper, while Willow is also an actress, singer and dancer, and they are also interested career as a model. Their father Will Smith is an influential actor in the Hollywood film industry and has assets of $ 240 million (total last 2014). Future Jaden and Willow Smith may be inherited from their father.