Aircrafts with bizarre shapes that you did not know about

When we were mere children, we used to look up in the sky to witness the flying machines. Air crafts have been a popular fascination among the people and most of us have enjoyed riding such a transport at least once. But if you think that planes come in a regular shape then you must keep on reading this article. These crafts are designed in an abnormal manner and their shape is bizarre.

1. Lockheed Martin P-791
 via flickr / lazzo51

2. Blohm and Voss BV 141
via Military Factory

3. The Pregnant Guppy

via All About Guppys

4. Bartini Beriev VVA-14
via RussianPlanes / Alex Beltyukov

5. Sikorsky X Wing
6c413b7e-a1de-4ae2-975d-ef6d018100f3 (1)
via NASA

6. Caproini Ca.60
via Wikimedia Commons / MLWatts


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