Celebrities that have looks similar to their parents

The theories of genetics say that it is like that children will have some traits matching their parents. This might be the behavioral traits or simply the looks. In this article you will get to see the photographs of celebrities alongside their parents, with whom they share the looks. The similarity in most of the cases is very predominant and sometimes this works out in favor of the children and other times against them. To get a better look at the fathers/mothers and their sons/daughters, take a look at this article. Via:Therichest

Rumer & Bruce Willis

Melissa & Joan Rivers

Kelly & Ozzy Osbourne

Ireland & Alec Baldwin

Alexa & Billy Joel

Liv & Steven Tyler
shutterstock_106646774 Credit:Therichest

Georgia & Mick Jagger

SNN3123CC-532_1445734a Credit: thesun

Tiffany & Donald Trump

Tiffany-Donald Credit: sickchirpse

Chelsea & Bill and Hillary Clinton

rs_1024x759-140418085436-1024.Chelsea-Hillary-Bill-Clinton.jl_.041814_copy Credit: eonline

Schwarzenegger Sisters & Arnold
Untitled-drawing-5 Credit:femina

Elle King & Rob Schneider
56c334ee1300002b001414d5 Credit:huffingtonpost


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