Destinations that a pregnant woman should not visit

If travelling is one of your deepest passion and you have made travelling an integral part of your life then go on visiting the above mentioned link. The link will tell you must be concerned while roaming the world if your physical condition is something special. Simply saying the article will guide you on what places you should not check out even in your wildest dream during your pregnancy as they are not amiable for certain reasons. The list is enhanced with the places like Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia and more. If you are curious to know details then the article of the page will help you. Via:Diply

1. Brazil

2. Jamaica
via flickr / poio78
Photo Credit: flickr / poio78

3. Indonesia
Photo Credit: flickr / fabiogis50 disgusted but back!!!

Photo Credit: flickr / fabiogis50 disgusted but back!!!

4. Nigeria
pHoto Credit: flickr / IFPRI-IMAGES

5. The Philippines
Photo Credit: flickr / Loic Lagarde

6. Venezuela
Photo Credit: flickr / SltCnmg

7. Colombia
Credit: flickr / szeke

Photo Credit: flickr / ShacklefordPhotoArt

9. El Salvador
Photo Credit: flickr / tik_tok

10. Guadeloupe
Image Credit: flickr / Livith Muse


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