Exceptionally cute ways on do it yourself updos

You come to the best web page if you’re browsing for extremely cool ways on short hairstyles for weddings. Simply have a look at each photo listed below as well as there are many awesome half up wedding hairstyles that you could pick from, beginning with buns and also pigtails to numerous others. Just what you should deliberately determine after, is whether the specific design enhances the other elements that have actually entered into making your appearances.
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1. The Twisted Bun
enhanced-buzz-3791-1397055449-8Image source: oncewed.com

Get the directions here.

2. The Side Pony

enhanced-buzz-12983-1397055573-16Image source: joannagoddard.blogspot.com

Get the directions here.

3. The Flat Twist

Image source: youtube.com

Get the directions here.

4. The Cinnamon Roll Updo
enhanced-buzz-19825-1397056510-30Image source: cocoafab.com

Get directions here.

5. The Twist and Pin
enhanced-buzz-17060-1397057163-31Image source: hairromance.com

Perfect for curly hair. Get the instructions here.

6. Hollywood Waves
enhanced-buzz-21260-1397057507-8Image source: greylikesweddings.com

Instructions here.

7. The Edgy Updo
enhanced-buzz-28585-1397057671-4Image source: apracticalwedding.com

See how she did it here.

8. The Twist Tuck Braid

enhanced-buzz-28326-1397057278-4Image source: hairromance.com

This one might take some practice. Get the DIY here.

9. The Sleek Rolled Tuck
enhanced-28728-1397059095-7Image source: makeup.com

Get the rest of the instructions here.

10. The Braid Bun Bang
enhanced-buzz-18188-1397057796-4Image source: thebeautydepartment.com

Get the full instructions here.

11. The Heart Bun
grid-cell-21238-1397058101-9Image source:

 Get the directions here.

12. The Sideswept Braid
enhanced-28482-1397058947-4Image source: makeup.com

Get written directions here.

13. The Half-Up Bun
enhanced-buzz-18699-1397058671-14Image source: etsy.com

See how here.

14. The Demi-Bouffant
enhanced-buzz-28259-1397059180-17Image source: bridalmusings.com

Get the directions here.

15. The Hair Bow
enhanced-buzz-12114-1397059279-21Image source: 100layercake.com

Learn how here.

16. The Side Braid
enhanced-buzz-11844-1397060102-29Image source: oncewed.com

How-to here.

17. The Full Bouffant
enhanced-buzz-21667-1397060291-9Image source: loxabeauty.com

This style even works for shorter hair. See how here.

18. The Low Knotted Bun
enhanced-buzz-5168-1397062170-4Image source: freckled-fox.com

See how here.

19. The Game of Thrones Braid
enhanced-11754-1397067120-1Image source: blog.lulus.com

See how to do it here.

20. Roller Set Curls

Image source: instagram.com

Check out the video tutorials here.

21. The Easy Updo
enhanced-7735-1397063804-1Image source: annesage.com

Get the tutorial here.

22. The Romantic Fishtail Braid
enhanced-buzz-29293-1397065276-15Image source: ebeautyblog.com

See the video here.

23. The Waterfall Braid
enhanced-buzz-3807-1397063390-8 (1)Image source: twistmepretty.com

See how here.

24. Sideswept Curls
enhanced-25543-1397064695-24Image source: naturallycurly.com

Get directions here.

25. The Perfect Side Bun
enhanced-buzz-26918-1397064218-5Image source: escentual.com

Tutorial here.

26. The Quick and Easy Hair Twist
enhanced-buzz-18862-1397066825-8Image source: ebeautyblog.com

See the video tutorial here.

27. The Pulled Back Curls
enhanced-buzz-29168-1397064285-7Image source: Catherine Abegg / catherineabegg.com

See other views here.

28. The Upside Down French Braid
enhanced-buzz-5194-1397065208-13Image source: abirdsleap.com

See how here.

29. The Looped Fishtail
enhanced-buzz-11788-1397067186-15Image source: gina-michele.com

Get directions here.

30. The Half Crown Braid
enhanced-buzz-11845-1397067386-8Image source: manouvellemode.com

See the video here.

31. The Kate Middleton
enhanced-buzz-18751-1397067438-15Image source: manouvellemode.com

See how here.

Bonus: How to Apply Extensions Yourself
enhanced-buzz-10573-1397059561-21Image source: bobbyglam.com

Full directions here.


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