Extraordinary illusionary work with everyday articles

Can you imagine salt, turmeric or potato can create the illusion of universe if you cannot imagine then attest your senses reading the article provided in the above mentioned link. The link is full with several pictures that will tell you how the artistry Navid Baraty manages to create inimitable creations with the help of regular cooking items. The mars, the earth or the nebula-n you will never get to understand whether they are the real images taken by telescopic camera or it is just a paper and some touch of salt, peperoni, cinnamon or of pancake. Via:mymodernmet

Nebula – water, coffee, half & half, food coloring; Stars – sugar, baking powder

Planet and moon – pancakes; Background – olive oil, flour, cinnamon, cumin, seasoned salt

Nebula – tea, water, half & half, food coloring; Stars – flour, peppercorns

Above: Earth-like planet – bottom of a glass containing bourbon, coconut milk, water, soy sauce, food coloring; Stars – salt, flour, cinnamon, curry powder

Edge-on galaxy – curry powder, cinnamon, poppy seeds, flour, salt, cheese, cumin

Nebula – sake, water, half & half, food coloring, flour, salt

Ring of fire – turmeric, powdered cheese, cinnamon, baking soda

Asteroid – potato; Debris field – coffee, peppercorns, crumbled Girl Scout cookies

Planet – bottom of a glass containing orange juice, wasabi, tomato sauce, half & half; Moon – pancake; Nebula – water, coffee, food coloring, half & half

Two cat nebula – Sriracha, chili powder, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, fur of two cats

Mars-like planet – bottom of a glass containing tomato sauce, water, food coloring, soy sauce, coconut milk; Background – flour, baking soda

Phantom nebula – soy sauce, water coffee, half & half, food coloring, flour, salt

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