Extremely Fantastic Johannes Stoetter Body Painter

This may resemble a standard photo of a parrot roosted on a tree stump, trust fund it or not , it’s truly a picture of a lady . This is the work of engaging art work body painter Johannes Stoetter, that is a professional at making bewildering body craftsmanship illusions that look amazingly exact . Taking a glance at the photo , it soon gets to be evident that the lady ‘s arm, flexed over her head, actually makes up the leader of the feathery animal. Her ideal limb form the flying creature ‘s bright wings, while her outstretched left leg goes about as of the parrot. Stoetter, that was entrusted Globe Body Painting Champion in 2012, took 4 weeks to do this body paint.

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Johannes Stoetter Website
via [Izismile, Oddity Central] | MYMODERNMET


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