Life Hack-14 Clothespin Hacks that you never know

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1. Prop your toothbrushes up instead of laying them down on the dirty counter
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2. Organize your scarf collection by hanging them up

Click here for a full tutorial.
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3. Organize your cereal bags with clothespins and label them to get rid of bulky boxes

Use chalkboard paint for the labels.

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4. Tidy up headphones so they don’t get tangled
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5. Display your photos in a unique way by pinning them on pieces of twine

you also can decorate with photo too
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6. Use a clothespin to fasten your bike light
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7. Keep your hands at a safe distance when lighting a candle with matches

If you want to go a step further, click on the tutorial below to learn how to make a clothespin match gun!
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8. Secure your garbage by clipping the sides of the plastic bag

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9. Turn any old clothespin into a toothpaste squeezer

Learn how to make one of these in a few easy steps by clicking below for the tutorial.
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10. Never bang your finger again when using the hammer

If I only knew about this one sooner…
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11. Make a planter and candle holder with clothespins

This is a great idea for patio furniture. Click below to read the full tutorial.
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12. Hang up your cleaning gloves under the sink

All you need is double sided mounting tape and a clothespin!
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13. Tidy up the craft supplies by wrapping up yarn and string
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13. Make a stand for your phone
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14. Be a chopstick pro with these spring loaded chopsticks

Eating with chopsticks has never been so easy.
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