Meet Shicheng, the East’s Atlantis

Well, we all have heard and read about the legend of the lost city, Atlantis. But the theories cannot be proven true unless it is been discovered. On the other hand, there is an entire city existing underwater and it is most commonly known as the ‘Atlantis of the East’. The official name of the city is Shicheng and exists 40 meters under the water territory of China. The city consists of extraordinary samples of architecture that was common during the times of the Qing dynasty. Shicheng had been a popular place for business at the time of its existence and suddenly, a dam that was constructed to guard the water levels of the sea, exploded and led the decline of the city.
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The ancient city was abandoned over half a century ago when a dam was flooded in the valley where it stood
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This city was once thriving and stayed that way for 1300 years


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This one time bustling metropolis is now beneath 85 and 131 feet below water.
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Incredibly, much of the wood parts in different structures are still perfectly intact

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