Most Dangerous Hikes In The Planet

Mountaineering is a man’s game. Even the women are as strong as a Spartan when it comes to hiking. It is not a job or hobby to be taken lightly. One slightest mistake and your entire life is a turns into history in a moment. If you think that you have seen enough and have been an expert is hiking, here are some of the hikes that would make you go crazy and question your abilities right here, right now.

1. Hunan, China

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2. Yosemite Valley, California

It looks like a bunch of ants climbing up an anthill.
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3. Mount Hua Shan, China

This is one of the most terrifying hikes in the world.
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4. Oahu, Hawaii, and 5. Catskills, New York

This hike is equivalent to the StairMaster x 1000. Get the booty you’ve always wanted by climbing these 3,922 stairs. The view at the top is worth every step.
via Places To See In Your Lifetime/Mike Salonga

5. El Caminito del Rey–Spain

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6. Devil’s Path–Catskills, New York

via Seattle Backpackers Magazine

7. Via Ferrata, The Italian Dolomites–Italy

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A couple doing the Monte Paterno Via Ferrata in the Italian Dolomites with the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the background

A couple doing the Monte Paterno Via Ferrata in the Italian Dolomites with the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the background

via National Geographic/ PatitucciPhoto

8. Huayna Picchu–Peru

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9. Pacaya Volcano–Guatemala

Let’s get a bunch of tourists to hike on the most active volcano in the country.
via Susan Shain

10. Rover’s Run–Anchorage, Alaska

This trail gets a lot of action from bears and they’re not cute like Yogi.
via Alaska Dispatch News

11. Bright Angel Trail–Grand Canyon, Nevada

Temperatures can exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.
via flickr/Al_HikesAZ

12. The Maze–Canyonlands National Park, Utah

It’s called The Maze for a reason–dead ends and hard to navigate trails EVERYWHERE.
via Los Alamos Mountaineers

13. Stolby Nature Reserve–Russia

This stunning nature reserve is full of massive rocks like these ones.
via Stark’s Epic Adventure

via The Dark Room

14. Annapurna Circuit–Nepal

This mountain is the 10th highest summit in the world (8,716 feet), wow! It is also the deadliest mountain on earth.
via flickr/Greg Willis

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