Some of the facts that men wish their girl must know

Men are very much fond of the ladies attraction on them. They generally like to have more and more ladies around them every time. Sometimes they are for the sexual purposes and for that reason it is very much needed for the men’s to reveal some of the facts to the ladies for which they can understand them. Researches have revealed that these are some of the instances that are mentioned in this link which the men wish that their girl partner must know about them. Some of these facts are related to the physical growth of the men which can impact the interaction with the ladies in a great extent. Via:Therichest

1.Some men actually need to manspread

pic_giant_052815_manspreading Credit: nrostatic

2.Men don’t really get cellulite
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3.Men’s brains only put half the effort in for listening

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4.The “helicopter” thing comes from somewhere

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5.Testosterone makes men way more aggressive
manly-men-fb Credit: smosh

6.Men don’t actually have a ton of testosterone

Three_shotglasses Credit:wikimedia

7.Excess booze is not a man’s friend
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8.Men should be doing kegels too
l3dlqosqfsugt72mgs3r Credit: lifehacker

9.Men can slow the aging process
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10.Myths about circumcision
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11.Men can lactate under certain circumstances
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12.Men can get yeast infections
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13.Men need you to be straightforward

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14.Men really don’t like to share this stuff
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15.All men are different
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